QuickBooks Self-Employed App Reviews

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I like it

So far, this app has been really effective. The design is simple and it allows you to organize well. It also allows you to upload csv data which is pretty awesome.

So far so good

Have been using app for about a month and it is super convenient! It integrates all infos from different bank accounts, credit cards, etc! I can classified in a swipe all expenses. I have reports at the fingertip too! Too bad we cannot fill tax from there!

Mrs. Cavanaugh

Great app to use, a must have for self employment!

Horrible service

Recovery password doesnt work. Online assist is atrocious. Website login doesnt work. Fire the dev team, product team and QA. Ive only written a few reviews and the horrible nature of this app has made me write 2 reviews.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

It doesnt get any easier! This app is super user friendly. It thinks of everything. All I have to do is swipe where the transaction should go. I would NEVER remember the things this app keeps track of. QuickBooks is Awesome!!!

Uber & Lyft must have

This app provides an easy way to differentiate between business and personal. The automatic mileage calculator is great.

Worked great until this new update

The app updated today and now it wont open at all. Please fix!


Good app when working. It takes longer for transactions to post and has frozen all day. Hopefully the mileage is being tracked in the background. Otherwise not good at all.

Horrible! Deceptive!

Lets you mark transactions as Business or Personal which is great, but then doesnt offer a way to categorize personal transactions! So there is no way to manage your personal finances. The only thing you can do with this is separate a co-mingled account into personal/business per each transaction. So disappointed!

Missing basic features

App works fine. Doesnt refresh as fast as the website. And you cant mark your transactions beyond the type; for example, I can lost a business expense or income but cant specifically say who paid or what the payment was for. Basic issues need fixing. This app does not replace the website.

First time user

First foray into a business management app that has the accounting and travel tracking features I desire... So far so good, if Intuit stays on to of things it has potential I think....

Very nice

I just started working as an independent contractor, so I am looking forward to using this app to know how much taxes I will have to pay in each quarter.

Perfect for UBER driver

As an Uber driver this works great for me. It tracks my miles and at the end of the day I just go to each trip and log as business/ or do not include if personal. Also like that I can include my car and insurance payment, etc. anything directly related to keeping Me on the road. At year end my CPA can sort it out for what is deductible. So I just want to track my business and this works great. I am an accountant by trade and appreciate the simplicity of the app.

New User Business Owner

The app is very intuitive and easy to use. The more I use it the better I become at categorizing my trips and expenses/income. Its quick and will help with taxes.

Good app

App works fine for what I do. Need to fix issue with start up. Will not start first time. Have to close it out and start again.

Doesnt load

App hangs on intro splash screen

Self employed

I already empathy for those people who is fear of this app, its wonderful app for my small business! It can do for your personal as well!

Initial Launch Fails, 2nd launch works

App is good compliment to desktop site. Late June update causes minor inconvenience when trying to launch app but overall good experience.


I wish I would have thought about this app even existing years ago when I started my business. Very easy to use and it makes keeping track of expenses, milage, and much more, simple! I look forward to using this app for years to come!

This app not great

I have had to delete and download again twice and it still wont open on my phone AGAIN very frustrated

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